This time we welcome to Something Who two of the team behind the Doctor Hue colourisation of Episode 2 of The Daleks' Master Plan, Day of Armageddon. 

First up, Rich Tipple, aka Sir Far From, discusses Day of Armageddon,its return, its place in the wider Master Plan story, his enthusiasm for colourising black and white Doctor Who and some of the artistic choices that he and the team made during the project.

Then Kieran Highman discusses the importance of Day of Armageddon in his fan story, how he got into colourising, and his experience of presenting the finished colour episode to a large crowd at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles back in February.

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The opening music is Three Guitars Mood 2 and, yes, that is Richard playing the ukulele and kazoo on possibly the worst ever version of the Doctor Who theme tune at the end.

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