Richard invites Gav, Giles and Paul to meeting of podcast geniuses (and him). Then it's off for a look at 6th Doctor story The Mark of the Rani and 11th Doctor escapade The Crimson Horror, both revelling in a 19th Century setting.

Along the way we tell tales of our various calamitous meetings with one of the inspirations of the latter tale, Dr Matthew Sweet.

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Giles' book A History of the Universe in 21 Stars: (and 3 Imposters) can bee found here and elsewhere:

Gav's book Doctor Who: Dalek Combat Training Manual can be found here (other retailers are available)

Also find his excellent YouTube series Terry Nation Army here:

The opening music is Three Guitars Mood 2 and, yes, that is Richard playing the ukulele and kazoo on possibly the worst ever version of the Doctor Who theme tune at the end.

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