I wanted to focus on how Chris uses his films to tell stories and to discuss the planning and editing processes as much as the actual filming, though naturally some of those stories come through too. We focus in this episode on Chris's new films for the Season 14 and Season 8 sets.

I think you'll be blown away by Chris's natural enthusiasm for his work, as well as his passion for the subjects of his films.

Don't worry that this is episode 43 and the last one was 41. It's all gone a little bit wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey on us, but 42 will be along soon and it'll be worth waiting for.

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Chris's work is all over the Doctor Who DVD and Blu-Ray ranges, and while the limited editions of the Blu-Rays can be hard to get hold of, they are slowly being re-issued and well worth the price of admission.

And if you can't get enough of Chris's work, you can also head over to https://www.bigfinish.com/, where he has written a number of audio plays.

The opening music is Three Guitars Mood 2 (off of An Unearthly Child) and, yes, that is Richard playing the ukulele and kazoo on possibly the worst ever version of the Doctor Who theme tune at the end

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