Here's a compilation of some of the highlights of Something Who from 2021.

It was the year that Gav was persuaded to join the existing team of Richard, Paul and Giles. We have a discussion about the merits of Richard Martin as a director on Doctor Who, Chris Chapman explains how he told the story of Elisabeth Sladen in his documentary "Our Sarah Jane", we chat about The Crimson Horror, including our various meetings with Matthew Sweet, Tim joins us for The Gunfighters, while Gav rants about its historical accuracy, Paul Hayes talks about his book "The Long Game" and we discuss some issues with Mawdryn Undead.

Peruse our back catalogue for the full versions of all of these clips and, if you enjoy them, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts or similar platform.

The opening music is Three Guitars Mood 2 and, yes, that is Richard playing the ukulele and kazoo on possibly the worst ever version of the Doctor Who theme tune at the end.

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