Somewhat plagued by delays, at last here's a new episode of Something Who.

And after a run of episodes brimming with voices, here's a pared down chat from Richard, Giles and Paul about a couple of stories from middle of the second millennium: 5th Doctor story The Visitation, from Season 19, and 10th Doctor story The Shakespeare code from Series 3. As per recent convention, this episode is the first half of that conversation and features The Visitation.

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Giles' book A History of the Universe in 21 Stars: (and 3 Imposters) can be found in all good bookshops and also here:

Paul is one half of Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast And head over to, where we all love Paul's stories, especially The Prints of Denmark

Richard has another podcast with co-host Emily, called "If It's Hurting, It's not Working" and it's a fun and informative look at work - why we work, how we work, and what makes a great job. And also what makes a great workplace, how to turn things round when we're not enjoying our work and, in the end, how we can all make our work better. Go to and for more. Episode 10 is a chat with Sean West, who, amongst other things, work as a Chief Finance Officer.

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