Strewth! It's Something Who's Australian episode and after Richard shows off his truly astonishing Aussie accent in landing the part of Anton, he's joined by Kieran and Mike to talk about two stories that are set in Australia - Enemy of the World and The Pilot.

We attempt to situate Enemy on the Australian continent, discuss its many and varied accents and how well Kent doubles for a Western Australian beach. We also chat about The Pilot's brief sojourn in a Sydney bar, as well as a more lengthy general look at the Series 10 opener.

So grab your tinnies, take a prawn off the barbie and settle down to a discussion about Doctor Who's second home.

Please contact us on Twitter on @something_who or on e-mail at

You can find Kieran colourising black and white Doctor Who on Twitter @The66Ramblers, while Mike is @Servo1968 and Richard is @Richard1J1Smith

The opening music is Three Guitars Mood 2 and the closing music remains possibly the worst ever version of the Doctor Who theme from Richard on ukulele and kazoo.

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