Here's a clip of a new podcast I'm launching with my colleague Emily called "If It's Hurting, It's not Working", all about work - why we work, how we work, and what makes a great job. And also what makes a great workplace, how to turn things round when we're not enjoying our work and, in the end, how we can all make our work better.

In this episode we introduce ourselves, Emily reveals her enthusiasm for Kylie Minogue, we talk about how success is often a mixture of determination and luck, Richard describes "fishing" in a nuclear reactor pressure vessel and we discover that Emily's primary school teacher wasn't very nice to her.

Join us every month for more like this, as we discuss a theme from the world of work.

Our social media accounts are @IfHurtNotWork on Twitter, and "If It's Hurting It's Not Working" on Facebook and Instagram. Please join us there to discuss the podcast and suggest topics for future episodes. Also you can email us on

Bea Garrido, who designed and donated our fantastic podcast artwork, is a great artist and you should check out her work on Twitter at @BeaGarridoArt

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