Hoping to ease the disappointment surrounding the postponement of this weekend's Terrance Dicks Celebration event, I've dusted off this recording I made of a panel held at the London Comic Con last October celebrating Terrance's life and work. I hope it goes some way towards filling the gap.

The panel was hosted by Matthew Sweet, with contributions from Emma Reeves, Paul Cornell, Mike Tucker and Katy Manning. 

The audio quality is frankly poor, but I've done the best I can to reduce the interference and with a bit of persistence and concentration it's entirely possible to follow the conversation.

This podcast is available entirely for free and I make nothing from it, but in the spirit of the Celebration event, I'm pledging to donate 10p for every download we get (up to a maximum of 500) to Terrance's chosen charity of Save the Children.

I think it's a great conversation and tribute to Terrance and I hope you enjoy it.

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